With all the money and access to the best beauticians in the business, there is absolutely no excuse for a celeb’s eyebrows to ever look anything less than on point. While many are nailing it and giving us all brow envy, a few need to a new HD specialist and stat. We take a look at The Good, The Bad & The Damn Right Ugly when it comes to the brows of the rich and the famous. 

The Good

While Cara Delevingne would seem like the obvious choice to take the crown as Brow Queen we decided it would be a little bit unfair. After all, she’s clearly been blessed and her eyebrows are naturally perfect so we decided to opt for someone who’s had to put a little graft in on their way to greatness.

Drew Barrymore was the ultimate 90’s icon but sadly, while she was a mega babe, she also rocked some mega pencil thin brows. Luckily, she’s seem the light (and the inside of a fabulous eyebrow technician’s salon) and got some eyebrows that have us loving her even more than we did in the 90s – if that’s even possible.


Much better, Drew

The Bad 

Alex Vauss, a woman so hot you’d consider committing some petty crime to have a shot at being incarcerated with her, may have eyeliner on fleek but her brows are a different story. While her Orange is the New Black rap sheet may claim she’s in prison for drug offences, it should be for crimes against eyebrows. It’s a sign of just how fit she is that she can somehow pull them off and still be the hottest inmate in Litchfield Pen.


We suspect she had a dodgy tattoo job back in the day as, while they’re at least defined and full, they’re the wrong shape and design to flatter her perfect face. We suggest a session of mircoblading to right the wrongs once she’s a free woman.

The Ugly 

Many fashion and beauty trends from the 90s have come back with vengeance recently; grunge, chokers, crushed velvet, crop tops – the list is endless. But thankfully, the pencil thin mirco brows that plagued the Brit Pop era have been consigned to the fashion horror history books. Sadly, no one has told Pamela Anderson this yet. Oh Pammy, why girl?


The Baywatch Babe is still hot as hell but those eyebrows are unforgivable. Like many women who over-plucked in their teens and early twenties, the Playboy fave isn’t left with much to work with but that’s where microblading comes into play. You can create fine hairs that can rescuse anyone’s mistakes with the tweezers from their young years – even Pam’s!

Special Honourable Mention 

Taylor Swift – a woman capable of such #EyebrowGoals worthy brows but for some reason, chooses not to embrace them all the time. We want to write a break-up album of sad songs all inspired by the fact she doesn’t wear her brows like she did for this photoshoot for Wonderland all the time.


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