We all know the importance of good brows; some of us achieve perfection with the help of regular HD appointments, many choose to get semi permanent make-up in the form of eyebrow tattooing but more or more women are opting for microblading on their quest for the perfect set of brows.

So what exactly is mircroblading and just why is everyone so obsessed with it?

Like eyebrow tattooing, it’s a semi permanent procedure that leaves you with better looking brows but, unlike getting inked, it leaves you with a look that is much more natural. Instead of a machine, microblading is carried out with a pen like tool with tiny little needles which nick the skin to create strokes that look just like fine hairs, even close up. Sounds a bit scary but other than a bit of mild discomfort it’s relatively painless and leaves you with fuller, thicker brows without needing any pencils, waxes, or tints.

If you’re sold on the idea and want to take the plunge here are 10 things you should know before you book in for microblading.

1. Choose your salon wisely 

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur. Sadly, many people choose a deal that seems too good to be true and learn the hard way just why. Semi permanent make-up is one of the things in life, just like vodka, where the cheapest option doesn’t always leave you with the best end results.

That’s not to say you need to spend all your savings on the most expensive exclusive beauty salon in town; just be wary of exceptionally cheap prices and Groupon deals that seem a bit too good to be true.

2. Research your choice 

Once you’ve found a beauty technician you think you can trust, it’s time to do your research. Have a look through their portfolio of previous clients, read as many reviews as possible and ask all the questions you need answering before you go through with the microblading procedure. No professional will ever be annoyed by you being wary and cautious; after all, a quick Google will reveal all the horror stories from those who have placed their trust in a dodgy artist so they will understand it’s better to be safe than sorry.


3. Think about the look you want 

Have you ever left the hairdressers crying having got a dodgy bob that doesn’t suit you at all? While a bad hairstyle can be annoying, at least you can get extensions or wear a hat until it grows back. With your eyebrows, you don’t want to make that mistake and be fed up looking in the mirror every single day with your brows being the opposite of on fleek.

While you may be a fan of a dramatic big dark brow when you’re sporting a full face of make-up on a night out, is it a look that will suit your day to day appearance? If you find yourself going au natural more days than others, it may be worth going for a more subtle look. Luckily, any reputable microblading technician will be able to understand your needs and give you a set of brows perfectly suited for your face and lifestyle. Remember, you can always add more on your next top up if you change your mind but you can’t go back.

4. Know how long it will take 

Your microblading procedure should be split into 2 appointments, spaced 6 weeks apart, in order to give your skin time to heal. Each appointment should see you in the salon for at least an hour.

5. Prepare yourself for the pain 

The good news is, while mircroblading may sound scary, it’s actually relatively painless. With a combination of 2 anaestetics used, the whole procedure will feature more of slight discomfort rather than any pain. A few minutes of irritation during a one off treatment is worth it for perfect brows for up to 18 months and a future without having to draw on your eyebrows every morning.



6. Know your aftercare

While it’s great that your brows will be noticeably different from the second you leave the salon, that doesn’t mean the process is over when your appointment is finished. If you want to make the most of your freshly microbladed brows you need to carry out all the aftercare procedures instructed to you by your technician. You’ll be given a guide to how best protect your investment which will feature instructions like no picking or rubbing as they heal, avoiding getting them wet for 7 days and not exposing your eyebrows to the sun or excessive sweating for a least a week. So, if you’re looking into microblading in time for your holiday, make sure you book your appointment so you have enough time to recover before you hit the beach.

7. It’s semi-permanent 

If you follow all the aftercare rules, you’ll be looking at your microblading experience lasting from 12 – 18 months before you need another top up. That’s at least a whole year of waking up every morning with flawless brows.

8. It may take time to get used to them

Like when you first get a fringe and spend a few days being shocked each time you catch your reflection, it may take a little while to get used to your new fabulous brows. In a good way, of course.

9. Get ready to have some extra time and money on your hands 

Have a think about how much money and time you spend creating your eyebrows in the mirror each day; from pricey palettes to running late to work because your brows weren’t cooperating, those days will long gone. No more worrying about your eyebrows running down your face mid workout or snapping your favourite pencil just before a night out – you’ll have plenty more time on your hands and one less thing to worry about now your brows are on point 365 days a year, no effort required.

10. Put your trust in The Brow Doctors 

As usual when it comes to eyebrows, Liverpool has led the way with the latest procedures, having the latest trends mastered before the rest of the country has even heard of them, and microblading is no different. With years of experience, The Brow Doctors have had clients come from all over the UK and beyond place their trust in them for fabulous brows and have built up a portfolio that features models and celebrities as their customers. The A list experience doesn’t come with a price tag only possible for the rich and famous though; with a full set starting at as little as £200, you can get the VIP treatment without breaking the bank!

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