This technique has become incredibly popular as an alternative to tattooed brows. The results are much finer and realistic than any tattoo machine can offer. Microblading is the treatment for anyone who is fed up of drawing their brows on every day, but wanting natural results. This includes anyone with sparse, over-plucked, uneven or simply unshapen brows. We also frequently treat ladies who suffer alopecia or have recently finished chemotherapy.


Consultation – Free

New set – £250
(£50 deposit, £100 on the day & £100 on the 6 week top up)

Colour Refresh – £100
(Recommended 12-18 months)


How long does it take?

The procedure is split into 2 appointments spaced 6 weeks apart in order for your skin to heal.


How long does it last?

Your new brows will last between 12-18 months as long as you follow all your aftercare.


Does it hurt?

A combination of 2 anaesthetics are used to ensure as minimal pain as possible.


When will I see my results?

Immediately your brows will be noticeable, however healing can take anything between 2-14 days.


The ultimate celebrity brow experience. Perfect for anyone with unruly brows looking for a treatment totally tailored to you.

Your appointment begins with an in depth consultation to discuss the size, shape & look you want before beginning to work on your bespoke brows. Custom blended colour is applied where we guarantee your new brows will complement your look & style. Afterwards we use the High Definition brow mapping formula to design your unique shape and begin to sculpt your brows.

Follow up appointments are advised every 6 weeks to ensure your brows are always looking their best.

PRICE – £25



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